10 Affordable Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look New

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With shows like “Property Brothers,” and numerous others of the same nature now becoming some of the most popular shows on television, more homeowners are considering giving their kitchen a facelift. Apart from the desire to simply have a new, more inviting kitchen, some also consider renovating their kitchen to make it more presentable if they want to sell their home. The problem we often encounter is that not all homeowners are able to afford the investment. There is good news, however. There are alternatives to hiring a contractor for a full renovation.

We spoke to our kitchen specialist and developed a list of ten affordable ways to make your kitchen look new. (note: you may still want to hire a contractor for these changes, but the investment will be significantly less.)

1. Cabinet Refacing:

This method involves stripping the surface of the cabinets, whether it is paint or stain, sanding the cabinets, applying new stain, paint, or an alternative material to the surface, replacing the hardware, and maybe adding a new drawer or two.

2. Laminate flooring:

This affordable option to a wood or tile floor is easy to install and can dramatically change your kitchen’s appearance. You can have the wood floor you wanted with the feel and look of wood, for a fraction of what you would pay to install actual wood flooring.

3. New paint:

Psychologists have argued that the color of a room can change its entire feel, in addition to appearance of course. Re-painting your kitchen is one of the more affordable methods to bring life to your kitchen that you can do yourself. Consider the color you choose, however. Brighter colors will make your kitchen feel larger, while darker colors will make it feel smaller. horizontal lines will make it look wider, while vertical lines will make it appear taller. Consider painting your kitchen to give it a breath of fresh air. It is affordable and can make a big difference.

4. Re-grouting:

When the grout between your tiles has seen its last day and no chemicals can clean it, consider re-grouting and sealing as a less expensive alternative to changing the floors. You’ll be amazed at the difference the grout can make in the appearance of your floors.

5. Pressboard cabinets:

These are composed of compressed sawdust and bonding agents, which make them cheaper than wood cabinets. Selections have increased, especially during the recession, and for someone who wants to save on the cabinets, I would encourage you to take a look at some models and designs. It is also a green item to have in your kitchen because it is composed of recycled material.

6. Laminate countertops:

Marble and granite countertops are beautiful, but they can be a bit pricey to purchase. You can achieve the same appearance with a laminate countertop. The material and the labor to install it requires a much smaller investment.

7. Crown Molding:

With increasing crown molding selections available, the need for custom crown molding is slowly fading. You can purchase new crown molding for your entire home for a few hundred dollars and purchase a bucket of your favorite paint or stain for about thrity to fifty dollars. Crown molding can add the elegant or traditional look to your kitchen that you have been looking for.

8. Lighting Strips:

Helps eliminate the need for expensive electrical wiring and rewiring for more light. A big plus to installing lighting strips is the fact that you can add as many lights as you wish to achieve ideal lighting for your kitchen. This, however, does not work for every kitchen, so be careful and think it over.

9. Under Cabinet lights:

If you have ever dreamed of it, you know how aesthetic and convenient they are, adding light where you need it most. You can accomplish this look without the need for new electrical wiring by simply using a plug-in system. Trust me, the difference, depending on how it is done, can be minor to completely unnoticeable.

10. New faucet or sink:

This may require some spending but it is worth it. It can make your kitchen feel new, especially if you have added a few of the above elements to complement the change, such as paint and cabinet refacing. Call your local plumber and shop around to get the best deal.

There you have it. If you follow these steps, you can have a new kitchen at a fraction of the investment required for a full renovation. I and our team here at Wisebuild wish you luck and a beautiful kitchen.

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