An Alternative for The Passaic River

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An Alternative for The Passaic River

The Passaic River basin has been an issue for New Jersey for a very long time. This once beautiful river became a garbage and chemical disposal system that continues even to this day. It remains completely overshadowed by mattresses thrown away, bottles, cans, cigarette buts, broken mechanical and electronic waste, and most recently in July 2016 a human body found in the Passaic River in Newark, NJ.

It is paramount that the legislature take this issue very seriously. One of the top reasons listed for littering is that the area is already messy, so why bother throwing trash in the trash can. Cleaning this river alone would help, but making it safe and beautiful again would be far better.  When New York renovated and extended 12th  avenue walkway near the Hudson, littering was reduced. Not only that, but a beautiful recreational park area was created. Many New Yorkers enjoy the benefits of having a place to ride their bikes safely on a dedicated lane, go on a morning run, sit down on the bench to relax after a hard-days work, and so much more. It is a shame not to have the same benefits when we have our own rivers right here on our doorstep. several rivers in NJ require attention, but the Passaic river has taken so much damage that no other can compare in the priority list.

Wisebuild Green has taken on the initiative to not only provide its labor, but team with the local communities and also work with the business community to help ensure the resources necessary to clean up the passaic river and transform it into a beautiful recreational area for the communities. Our suggestion was to get the business to volunteer funds and resources to clean up the Passaic starting right here in Elmwood Park. As most Elmwood Parkians as well as students and faculty at Elmwood Memorial know, there is a small recreational park near the Passaic about 300 yards from the school’s entrance. It would be nice if the river was cleaner, the surrounding area not covered in garbage, and not having to tipy-toe around to prevent stepping on bird waste. It would also be nice not to be lead to dozens of channels of bureaucracy to submit a plan that doesn’t cost the state anything at all.

We spoke to former Elmwood Park Mayor, Richard Mola during one of his routine visits complimenting and thanking homeowners  for improving the town through Christmas Decorations. He was excited and ready to assist. We prepared a project proposal, but were unable to present it to him due to his recent passing away. He was a great man who served as Elmwood Park Mayor for 45 years before he died on October 11th, 2016.

All progress was lost with the Mayor’s tragic passing. This brings the initiative to square one. In order to improve, we must begin with ourselves, our town, our homes, this small park. Our projects is simple, but we believe it could have a significant impact on the town’s residents. It includes a paver walkway, several park seats, cleaning up all waste on the park and in the river using new technology readily available, planting fresh grass and shrubbery, and improving the boat launch.

We will continue to pursue this project and look forward to a positive outcome for the benefit of Elmwood Park, The Passaic River, and all of New Jersey.

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