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We install aluminum, vinyl, galvanized steel, and copper gutters. In addition, we clean and repair gutters. We can also install gutter guards or covers to protect your gutters. Call us today for a FREE in home Consultation.

Common Damage to Gutters

Gutters are a vital part of your home. Many homeowners are not aware of how important gutters are to the entire structural wellbeing of a home. Clogged gutters can overflow, which over time jeopardizes your home’s foundation and causes basement mold and water leakage that may require expensive waterproofing services to fix. Water buildup in your gutters can also cause mosquitoes to breed, as mosquitoes love standing water. Here is a list our team has devised outlining common damage to gutters as well as instructions to avoid the damage:

  1. Debris falling from your roof and nearby trees can clog up your gutters, causing overflow. Remedy: Clean your gutters regularly. It is recommended that every home owner cleans his/her gutters at least twice per yer including fall and spring. Sometimes more is required depending on if you live in a heavily forested area.
  2. Fascia board, which is the board that the gutters are attached to can be damaged due to water overflow or improper gutter installation. This may cause your gutters to begin to fall.
  3. Ice is another danger to gutters, especially ones that are not properly held together. Ice can be very heavy depending on your location and the amount of snowfall. This is another reason gutters should be cleaned before the winter arrives, as an already clogged gutter system will prevent drainage and cause more ice buildup.
  4. Impropper pitch is another big problem with gutter installations, as it guarantees buildup inside your gutters including mud in the summer and ice during the winder that can drag your gutters down. Gutters should be pitched about 1/8 per foot, but it still depends on the length. Water should be able to flow smoothly down. Sometimes the pitch is more and sometimes less. Too much of a pitch can cause overflow and clogging issues at the downspouts and too less of a pitch can cause standing water and debris on the gutters. We advise you consult a professional if you are concerned with the pitch of your gutters. You may call our specialists for more information.
  5. Improper roof shingle installation where the shingle drip edge, or the outermost edge of the shingle on the edges of your structure or home, can cause a great deal of trouble. Too much overhang can cover your gutters, while not enough can lead to water slipping between the gutters and fascia which may later damage the board and in turn compromise your gutter system.


Regular two times per year gutter cleaning as well as proper installation are mandatory for the best home gutter system maintenance. Do not be fooled by scammers who tell you that gutter covers will eliminate the need to clean your gutters, as they have been proven over and over that they allow smaller debris and spring buildup to enter. This system can however, reduce the frequency at which you may need to clean your gutters but it will never eliminate it entirely.

Another thing you may consider purchasing to do some of your own maintenance, is purchase a roof rake for the snow season, so that you may prevent snow from weighing too much on your gutters.

Lastly, as far as winter proofing your gutter system, you may install a heat system on the edges of your roof to prevent ice and snow buildup on the drip edges and gutters. These systems may cost a bit, but they protect your home, gutters, and increase your home’s value.

If you have any questions at all. We would be happy to assist you. Our operators are standing by. We thank you and wish you a clog free gutter system, and happy home.