I hired Wisebuild for my bathroom renovation and I am very happy with the work that was done. The guys were very nice and knowledgable about bathroom renovation. I would like to extend a special thank you to David for his hard work and attention to detail. I love my new bathroom and the tiles look perfect.

Thank you very much, guys. I would definitely hire Wisebuild again.

Marilyn Barry

I had a very peculiar experience with Wisebuild as I had never before worked with a contractor. Homeadvisor matched them with us for our kitchen renovation. Gino came to the house and he appeared very knowledgeable about his work. In order to try and save money, I told him I would be installing the cabinets and buy the material myself. They began work and for one, they are VERY CLEAN. Vacuming the place every 30 minutes, which i assume was to prevent excessive dust. After most of the work was done, which I was happy with, I decided, why not simply have them give me a quote on the cabinets as well. I was shocked by the price so I told them I would shop around. I called up four other contractors, 2 of which tried to make me do aditional work for absolutely no reason and gave me a ridiculous price on the cabinets. They also tried to bad mouth Wisebuild. The other 2 contractors actually said there was nothing wrong and complimented the work, but said they would not be available for at least another week, but STILL gave me a higher price than Gino had told me initially. I then apoligetically called Wisebuild again, realising I was very wrong to have doubted them. Gino sent Frank in the next day, who installed my cabinets in a few hours with no mess and no hassle. I now know a little more about how contractors try to screw you and I thank God I came across Wisebuild so early before someone convinces me something is wrong with my home. I understand now that their prices are fair, their quality of work outstanding, and I will definitely be hiring them again. Thank you Wisebuild, and thank you Gino and Frank. your magnet is still on my fridge.
Manny blessings, Tony

Tony Lawson